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Stuffs to Think About: Two Types of RC Cars

Do you feel the need for speed? Do you find underground racing a bit too dangerous for your taste? Do you think that playing the just out racing game on your PC is just too moth-eaten for you? If this is the case, then you need to get into RC car racing. RC car racing is one of the fastest flowering hobbies today. This is because it appeals to the youngster within people while challenging them to hone their skills. If you think that RC car is just about getting the most expensive model out slick, you are on the wrong track. Here are the basics of RC cars:


There are two general classifications of RC cars according to the power source:

1 ) Electric - This RC car type is the most common complex in the bazaar today. This might be because of the fact that most toy companies make this crasis of RC car for children or beginner RC car enthusiasts. Some advantages of the electric RC car are:
a ) Noiseless - This means that an electric - powered RC car can be used without causing a battery of disturbance ( excluding, of course, the number of people who will unwittingly trip over your machine ). This further beggarly that you can use it stealthily. Countless movies have featured the advantage of electric RC cars in recording conversations or taking hidden videos. Make your spy dreams come true!

b ) Smokeless - Since this type of RC car makes use of electricity to power it, there is no smoke output when the engine is running. This is because no combustion happens within the mechanism of the RC car.


a ) Inappreciable running time - An electric RC car runs on batteries. Because of this, the ability it can good to run is limited to the capacity of the battery. A user who goes for this type of RC car has to cope with the hesitate of charging batteries or replacing them every time that they run out of power.

b ) Pygmy power - The power of electric RC cars is limited not only in terms of time, but also in terms of intensity. Put plainly, electric - powered RC cars just don't run as fast as gas powered models. If you are looking for speed, this is not the RC car for you.

2 ) Gas powered - There's one thing that needs to be said about gas powered RC cars: you cannot put gasoline in it. Gas powered RC cars make use of a special mixture of fuel in order to run.

a ) Speed - Many people are opting for gas powered RC cars mainly because of the fact that they are much faster than electric RC cars.

b ) Longevity - Gas powered RC cars can run for long times before they need to typify refueled. This means that you get to use your RC car for a longer time. Thus, you get to have more fun.


a ) Smoke - Since gas powered RC cars run because of combustion; it is natural that there would be smoke coming out of the car. This means that you won't be able to use your RC car indoors.

b ) Noise - Gas powered RC cars make a lot of noise. This can either be a positive or a negative, depending on your attitude. For some people, the noise that this type of RC car can help them get attention from other people ( Hey, some people do buy RC cars to get noticed ).




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