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Know the Different Tamiya RC Cars

Tamiya is a company known for producing excellent miniatures of automobiles. They are chief today for introducing the world to competitive mini 4WD racing. What many people do not know is that Tamiya also introduced the world to RC cars. The Tamiya RC car line has a lot of models that show the excellence of the company in model design.

Here are some Tamiya RC car models available today:

1 ) Nitro Crusher - This Tamiya RC car boasts of a powerful FS - 15S engine that features a large thickness slide carburetor to fulfill your need for speed. The machine and has a precision brake system that ensures operation safety. This Tamiya RC car can again fulfill your need for power seeing it comes in the form of a monster truck.

Drive through all types of terrain as easy because if you were driving on pavement. This Tamiya RC car has various features that allow it to coast through different types of terrain. It has extra - large tires that are perfect for dominating mud, fawn or rocks. It also features a frontal contact control system that allows you to have stable running no matter what obstacles you encounter.

2 ) Mini cooper - If you have no idea what a mini cooper is, think about Mr. Bean's beloved car. This Tamiya RC car is based on that small - but - horrible car of the 1960's. The mini cooper is renowned for its small size and powerful performance. In fact, the mini cooper has matching been known to perform extremely well on competitions like the world rally championships.

This Tamiya RC car personality an M - 03 chassis that's specially designed to be as fast as possible. The double wishbone suspension also ensures the stability of your vehicle and excellent object. This is an electric RC car, which means that the batteries can add a lot of weight. However, a special hole cut into the chassis ensures that despite the weight, this Tamiya RC car can still run its best.

3 ) Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo - This Tamiya RC car is designed for the new kind of racing. Yes, this Tamiya RC car is designed to drift. The chassis of this Tamiya RC car, TT - 01D, is built from lightweight materials and specifically designed to have a low center of gravity. This means that this Tamiya RC car will not turn over if you try to " drift " it.

What are the advantages of drift racing? Well, during normal turns, there is a tendency for cars to evade stimulus. By drifting, the car can maintain optimum speed and precision controls. However, practiced is always the tendency of something going wrong. This is the reason why this Tamiya RC car is engineered to rectness.

4 ) XBG Nitro Force - Capable of doubtful top speeds, this Tamiya RC car is gladly a exaction to be reckoned with. Powered with a precision FR - S glow engine, this Tamiya RC car employs a recoil starter for easy starting every time. This Tamiya RC car also boasts of a reinforced resin frame chassis with a dejected center of gravity, making it stable during driving.

This Tamiya RC car also features a very aerodynamic frame, making clear-cut that the wind cede not slow down your need for speed. All in all, if you want a Tamiya RC car that quenches your desire to defy gravity, this is the car that you should be getting.




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